I have been learning about Normalizing flows since last few days. It is one of those famous Generative models in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Generative models, as the name suggests, are developed to learn distribution of a given data and then, based on the distribution learnt, can generate new data points that did not exist before, but look quite real. You must be aware of ‘Deepfakes’, which mostly use GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) from what I know. In this blog, I will try to explain Normalizing Flows. The other two extremely famous Generative models are GANs and VAEs (Variational…

IBM held a Quantum Computing Challenge from May 20th to May 27th. This year was special as it marked the 40th anniversary of the Physics of Computation Conference and also the 5th anniversary of IBM Quantum putting up a Quantum Computer on the cloud. The best thing about participating in IBM challenges is undoubtedly the galore of learning and experience that comes with it. This is my first medium blog and I couldn’t think of anything but Quantum Computing to start with. All the challenge questions can be seen here.

Through this blog, I am attempting to explain, to the…

Grishma Prasad

Working as a Quantitative Associate at Morgan Stanley with an interest to learn everything :)

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